The Cast of Characters

Holly: The funny mommy trying to figure out motherhood one caffeinated beverage at a time.  The primary wiper of butts, the primary chauffeur, the primary answerer of questions. 

Eric: The husband who works incredibly long days at works catering, but whom really doesn’t cook much at home…not fair, I know.  The primary playmate of our boys, he is currently training them to be Jedi Knights. 

Blake: The oldest child, and because of that we put way too much responsibility on his shoulders…I’m working on that.  He is the only child who doesn’t complain too much about what I make for dinner.  He is starting to learn practical jokes and recently almost gave his grandmother a heart attack when he left a fake snake on the stairs for her. 
Jack: The second child, Jack is the asker of questions, go under any Question of the Day post and most likely it was asked by Jack.  For example, why do we have blood?  Can whales breathe through their mouths or only the blowhole?  Jack is probably my most clingy one and would like to marry me.  I call him my little Oedipus.
Hope: The first daughter and third child.  Right now she plans her days plotting my demise.  Please, don’t let the cute little girl with the twirly skirts trick you, she’s a naughty child trying to break me.
Brooke: The fourth child, she surprised us with both her complete AV canal defect and Down Syndrome.  I thought I had mothering kind of figured out and she changed all the rules on me, go figure.  Brooke had already conquered open heart surgery and tubes in her ears, and continues to amaze us with her abilities every day.