Ways To Relax

Get up… make breakfast…take the kids to school…look after the one that’s sick…iron…cook…listen to them moan about my cooking…get them to bed…get them back to bed – I know, it sounds like every mother’s/ housewife’s day, but we have to have somewhere to have a good moan don’t we – I mean none of the kids or the husband are listening!

Okay, moaning makes us feel a little more relaxed, but I know that if we’re not going to open that bottle of wine and finish it in one sitting (or do I mean Vodka), then we damn well need to find some better ways of relaxing . So I decided to do just that, to go out there and ask some more “notperfectmoms” exactly how they get rid of the stresses of the day when they finally get the kids in bed or, even better, get a night without them – so here goes!

Beer and Board Game Night

My first thought was stuff the board games – but I was wrong – it’s a perfect combination. If the only game you’re used to playing (and losing) is how to get your kids to do what they want – then bring on Games Night! Sure down a couple of cold ones first to take the edge off – then get stuck in with a bit of Wii sport which is great for taking the aggression out on. I just tend to imagine the ball is one of the kid’s heads (kind of joking) but it doesn’t half focus the mind. A few more beers and it’s time to bring out Twister and have a great laugh as you die trying to prove you’re as flexible as a teenage newly- wed.

Cocktail Night

Okay, if you really do want to skip the games and get straight to the alcohol – then this has to be the way forward! Get really organised and find some great cocktails in a book or online and then tell each friend what alcohol they need to bring to the party. Whilst they’re doing that, sort out a menu for your guests and get in all the mixers, crushed ice, paper umbrellas, cherries etc. you’re going to need to make it feel like you’re in one of the swankiest cocktail bars in town.


I just couldn’t believe how popular bingo is amongst mums and housewives nowadays. I mean people still go out to play, but apparently the online bingo has become a global pastime with people organising house parties where friends team up to try and win massive cash prizes and jackpots. Even better, loads of mums have been telling me that online bingo sites like Butlers offer some great incentives and free bets to new customers. There are also loads of chat-rooms and forums where you can increase your social media friends with other people just trying to grab a little relaxing fun between all the rubbish they have to deal with.

Come Dine With Me Competition

When someone first mentioned this, the idea of cooking sounded about as much fun as a bikini wax. But, after closer inspection I thought – okay so you’re going to have cook one big, lavish meal for some friends, but, just think, how many friends are going to cook for you after. If you’ve never seen the show, all you have to do is cook your friends a three-course meal which, after eating it, your friends will mark you out of ten. When you’ve all cooked, the winner is the one with the most marks – but it isn’t about who wins!


Playing Old School

I’ll be the first to admit that my kids are little techies.

Always wanting to use the computers, the mp3 players, our iPhones, whatever they can get their grubby little hands on…

And Brooke, though she’s even three, is the same way…she loves to play the educational apps that I’ve downloaded on my kindle for her.

But sometimes you just need to put the technology away and get out some good old fashioned toys, whether they be made of bright plastic or some trusty wooden toys.

Right now with Brooke, we’re trying to teach her animals…and even though she can see them on the computer or with a flash card, I think having little animal toys she can pick up and examine will help her learn even better….

I love this wooden animal set because Brooke also gets to work in some OT skills by stringing the toys! How cool is that?

I’m all about multi tasking…

What about you? Do you try to get your kids back to old school toys and away from technology?

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Pretty When I Sweat

When I first started working out I didn’t really care what I looked like at the gym…

I usually showed up in a manky old shirt and some yoga pants.  The only thing I cared about was making sure my nipples were perfectly aligned in my sports bra, because nipple straightness? Can make or break an outfit.

But I started looking around at the gym and realized that the patrons were seriously looking hot. And not hot like Phew! I need some water because I’ve been working out so much! But like Oh hot damn! Check me out! I have thighs like a vice!

Hmmm…I want to be hot too….that’s why I shake my junk in the front row of Zumba.

And let me tell you, not only do I shake my junk, but I look goooood doing it!  Although maybe I’ll look even better if I got out of my ratty old clothes and into some new pretty gear!

Enter pvBody…so super cute! With this adorable outfit I’m going to be the best dressed chick in Zumba*!

Now when my vagina sweats, it’s going to be pretty vagina sweat! So everyone wins!

*I’d show you a picture of me in it, but I don’t want my fat rolls to cause you permanent blindness, so we’ll save that debut for about 20 more pounds

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Learning Made Fun With Cypher Kids Club

I’ll admit that I’m not a homeschooling kind of mom! I think my kids do great in school and get the education they need and honestly? I feel like a better mom when I have that daily break!

That being said, my four year old Hope has been having a hard time nailing down her letters and I’ve been wanting to work with her at home to make sure she’s ready for kindergarten next year, but I don’t know where to start.

Enter Cypher Kids Club 3D Interactive Cards…

If these cards don’t get Hope excited to learn her letters then I’ll shave my head, because these are seriously awesome!

You need to have an iPad2 or higher or an iPhone 4 or higher, and after you purchase the learning cards from the Apple Store, the corresponding app on your device to use the cards is completely free!

Once you download the app and open up the cards, this is what the letters are going to look like….Hope is using my iPhone 4S.

Isn’t that 3D image crazy!? It’s called augmented reality so there’s no need for 3D glasses.

Each card focuses on both the upper case and the lower case letter…

And Hope loves that she can sit on the couch and be comfy while learning her letters! Since my iPhone can be used anywhere in the house she can lay everything down on the ottoman and have fun.

She’s also free to move around with the iPhone while using it, which is great for a four year old wiggle worm, though not so great when I’m trying to get pictures for a post! haha!

Since here we’re doing the letter A, an astronaut also flies around the screen for Hope to see…

The cards are pretty to use, so I just want to show you a short clip of Hope and myself utilizing them…because if you’re like me, then you’re totally a visual learner…

I can see Hope using these up through the year until she goes to kindergarten and then I’ll definitely be using them with Brooke…I can’t think of a more interactive way for my girls to be learning their alphabet!

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