Dinner for Ungrateful Brats Served Here

I’ve talked about my kids assholery here before…

They’re assholes for peeing on me, for telling Wal Mart employees my vagina is hairy, and for making fun of my fat ass in the shower, amongst many other assholery things…

But almost every night I get a big dose of it….and man…it makes me crazy…

It all starts like this…

(did you notice my new hair?)

But then this happens…

Brooke isn’t pictured because she doesn’t have the words to bitch at me…but when she throws her full plate back at me I know she’s on their side…

Do you know how hard it is to cook for ungrateful little people judging your culinary skills nightly? And as my mom used to tell me and my siblings…it’s not a fucking diner…so I refuse to make them anything else…

Am I all alone here? Or do all of your kids lap up every morsel you serve them?

Or do you all just rotate spaghetti, tacos, and quesadillas every night?



  1. TUC says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Wait, why the hell am I laughing? I deal with this shit every night too.
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  2. maggie says:

    yeah, they refuse sometimes. sometimes they don’t. either way, that’s all they are getting. i’m not a short order cook and i’m not just making only the things they like. how will they ever try anything new if I do that?
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  3. Shell says:

    I totally lost it on my kids last week because they were complaining about dinner. Just freaking eat what I serve.

    My youngest isn’t picky and he’ll eat pretty much whatever, but my oldest told me I should cook good things- you know, like they do at school. :/
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  4. Kristin says:

    Max is still pretty good at eating most everything, when he’s in the mood. Sometimes he just eats bread. But I don’t fix him his own meal. Piper on the other hand won’t eat any meat that has seasoning or sauce on it, so I wash it off under the sink before I put it on her plate, and then she’ll maybe eat one to three bites. There is only one meal she’ll request and eat – minestrone soup. She’s completely malnourished and lives on snacks.
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  5. kristi says:

    My autistic son rarely eats what I cook unless it’s spaghetti or tacos…lol. Or homemade pizza.

  6. Darcy says:

    Sometimes I just give her an alternative like pbj. It depends on my patience and if she’s having a meltdown or just asking. She’s getting much better about “just try one bite” so that’s progress.
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  7. Katie says:

    What’s cooking?

  8. Me_against_6_boys says:

    I just got so angry reading your post, you got it down to every fucking word that comes out of their mouth. My liver is turning, and I have to live the real version in about 40 minutes. It’s the worst part of my day, and I keep telling myself I’m not gonna cook anymore, I’m not gonna cook anymore!!! You’re right, they’re such ungrateful assholes!! (ahhhhh, it feels good to say it) We should just take the easy way and throw some dog food at them…. let school take care of their nutrition! Mwahahaaaaaa

  9. Alison says:

    My littlest just eats off my plate. My oldest eats Nutella sandwiches. What?
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  10. Mandy Smith says:

    Swear to you- The was the exact scene in my house last night. Made pot roast with carrots & potatoes & none of the brats would eat it! They want the usual-tacos,spaghetti or PIZZA!
    My 3 year old has a metabolic condition, and cant go long periods without eating, so I HAVE to give her an alternative. sigh

  11. You are so not alone. My own two are hard enough, but I about lost my marbles this summer while trying to cook for LB’s 3 as well. It was IMPOSSIBLE to find a meal everyone liked, plus, they aren’t trained to my rules. IDK if their mom only cooks what they like or cooks different meals for everyone, but they just expected to be given something else and made no qualms about complaining.
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  12. CyndyBush says:

    When mine were little, their options were, eat what I cook or starve. Now that they’re a little older they sometimes make something else on their own if they don’t like what I cook. And heck NO do they always eat my (amazingly delicious) meals, because they have crappy taste sometimes. They must get that from their dad.
    When do we get to see a PHOTO of your new hair?!?! I’m nosey, dammit!

  13. CyndyBush says:

    PS Since you’ve been gone I made a new blog, so in case you’re confused, it’s Cyndy formerly from Putting the Fun in Dysfunctional. And I just sent you a FB friend request, I don’t use the PTFID facebook page any more because I’m too lazy for all that crap.
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  14. Oh yeah, happens here too. They have to TRY whatever was made and if they really don’t like it, they can have a PB&J or cereal.
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  15. Tammy says:

    I have felt like Faye Dunaway’s character on Mommy Dearest this week. Not because I am crazy but because the kids have made me crazy. I don’t understand how they can just push that one button that sets me off and it is usually about the darn dinner. I have made little one go to bed hungry, the oldest is smart enough to know now that if he complains he will not eat. I don’t give alternatives anymore. I told them if they wanted a choice they could go live with Grandma.
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  16. Lisa says:

    This was the EXACT scene in my house tonight!!! Steak and shrimp fried rice from scratch, and they were GAGGING as they were eating it!! Finally admitted the steak an rice were ok, but would not tolerate the mushrooms and shrimp. My son actually asked why I keep making food they don’t like. My management of dinner sways between forcing them to eat food they don’t like to making food I know they will eat, to letting them have whatever they will eat.

  17. Krista says:

    I feel your pain. I tell my daughter almost every night: “mommy’s not running a restaurant”. Depending on the night, the tone I say it in ranges from sweet and patient to right on the edge sarcastic.

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