Not Even I Can Make Public Urination Cool

I used to really be able to take it*…

But a few weeks ago I realized that I’m not longer able to hang….

I never thought of myself as getting older, but the fair proved me wrong…yes, the very same fair that wouldn’t allow ketchup

I’ve always loved thrill rides. Turn me upside down, zoom me along the track, throw me sharply from one side to another…this gal can handle it!

Or so I thought….

Until I got on The Avalanche…

Oh Avalanche, how I despise you…

Let me show you how the ride is…

The circles are the people…and that is us going around and around and around….and then it goes the other way…

Eric was on the ground with Brooke laughing his ass off at me as I gradually got greener and greener…while the three big kids were having a blast…

I just tried to breathe…in and out…in and out….

And when the ride finished I bolted off…and tried to keep my candy apple down…

And I was successful until Eric took the big kids on the Tilt-A-Whirl…then standing there in the middle of the fair I let it go…

All of it….

The throw up was so forceful that I couldn’t help but pee on myself at the same time…

Right in the middle of the fair.

It happened so quickly I didn’t have time to go behind the Headless Woman’s trailer and pee on myself in private…nope, right there where everyone could see was the way it happened…

And then I had to walk around in pee clothes for the remainder of the day…

Veronica was not a happy camper…and neither was I…

I really thought I could handle the rides…but alas I was wrong…

Well played fair….well played….

*and no, I don’t mean up the ass you perverts, that’s always been a no go zone…


  1. Shell says:

    I can’t take any ride that spins around any more. I will throw up.

    And now I’m realizing I’d probably pee, too
    Shell recently posted..Elegant Updo TutorialMy Profile

  2. Bobbi says:

    Love it! I’m the same way, too. It sucks getting older but being the laughing stock of my house makes it all worthwhile to me!
    Bobbi recently posted..New BikeMy Profile

  3. *yep, that’s exactly where MY mind went.
    That sounds like a hellofa fun fair!
    cyndy newsome recently posted..Shelbie’s ArtMy Profile

  4. Oh no! I’ve never been able to do spinning rides like that… never! I”m impressed you hung in. I would have made everyone go home.
    Single Mom in the South recently posted..Sometimes it’s Hard Not to JudgeMy Profile

  5. Alison says:

    I’ve only ever gone on one ride. I retched right after (because my stomach was empty, thank goodness). The very idea is making me sick!!

    Sorry about the self-pee. :)
    Alison recently posted..OneMy Profile

  6. Michelle says:

    Can’t. Stop. Laughing. But not AT you. Kind of. Apparently I need to stay off rides now that I’m uhhh older.
    Michelle recently posted..Fit Update: Week 18 aka It’s All About PerceptionMy Profile

  7. GoodLooknOut says:

    Yep, I learned that lesson 5 years ago when I went on twilt-a-twirl…. The fair is #NOTAGAME once you’ve hit a certain age. That age for me was 22. I laid in bed for the whole evening hoping I wouldn’t SHART & HURL at the same time! I’m so sorry you couldn’t suffer PRIVATELY like I was able to do!
    GoodLooknOut recently posted..First & Last Meal Plan UpdateMy Profile

  8. tania says:

    OMG you poor thing hahaha….sorry
    tania recently posted..The other CharacterMy Profile

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