Today I celebrate my 29th birthday…for the third time….

The only good thing about birthdays are the gifts..I’m a huge present whore…and even though none of you sent me anything this year (ahem, it’s not too late) I’ve decided to give you all something…

It’s a list! Yay! I love lists! So here’s 31 things you may not know about me…

1. I’m the second in a line of four kids

2. I have flat feet

3. I was in JROTC in high school and was battalion XO my senior year (second in command).  Shut up, it was cool

4. I was also a huge theatre person. What? You’re not surprised? You knew I was a drama queen?

5. I wanted to study anthropology in college

6. And historical fiction

7. Then I wanted to run off and join the WWE to be a professional wrestler

8. So I dropped out of college after two years because I obviously had no clue what the fuck I wanted to be

9. I used to have my nose pierced. And my belly button. And my nipples. And a Marilyn. And my tongue. And my ears-15 times

10. My hair used to be blue

11. And purple

12. Pantyhose make my ass itch

13. Hope got her name when I was 9 weeks pregnant and thought we lost her

14. I can peel a banana with my feet

15. I never wanted to have children until I met Eric

16. And after our first date I woke up my best friend to tell her I was going to marry him

17. We didn’t have sex on our wedding night. We counted money and passed out

18. When I was 16 I passed out drunk at a school football game and was taken away in an ambulance

19. As a result of that night my principal called me Chugs for the rest of the school year

20. I look forward to ingrown hairs and pimples so I can pop them

21. I’m scared to have another child

22. Some of my favorite foods are tripe, fried chicken gizzards, and turkey necks.

23. And I love to wash it all down with pickle juice

24. My favorite part of breastfeeding is squirting Eric in the eye while lying in bed when he’s not expecting it

25. My favorite movies are Shag, Little Women, and Empire Records

26. I’m scared of my kids growing up and moving away

27. One of my favorite shows is Snapped! Women Who Kill. I partly watch it just to keep Eric on his toes

28. I use about six Q-tips a day. I love the feeling of the dig

29. Sometimes when I’m in the car I catch all four kids in the review mirror and am shocked, I can’t believe they’re mine

30. And I’m scared I’m not a good enough mother for them

31. I depend on my husband for far too much…

There you have it…what don’t I know about you?



  1. Ok you got me… I am a closet picker myself… You have inspired me to write about me..problem is I have to come up with 12 more things than you- but if I do it before my birthday that will save me 1 to come up
    Becky Ryan-Willis recently posted..4 Simple Christmas OR New Years DipsMy Profile

  2. I love fried chicken hearts and gizzards too. Yum.

    Happy Birthday!
    Mary Kirkland recently posted..It’s a Christmas Tree…not a Holiday TreeMy Profile

  3. LineMarie says:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. AnnMarie says:

    Two of my favorite movies are Shag and Little Women, too. It always scares the hubby when I am pmsing and I watch a marathon of Snapped. Happy Birthday!
    AnnMarie recently posted..Moving ForwardMy Profile

  5. Shell says:

    Happy birthday!!!

    I’m really tempted to go to the kitchen and see if I can peel a banana with my toes. I have long toes- what Hubs calls “finger toes.” And it’s pretty much the only physical trait of mine(other than brown eyes) that my boys have of mine. Otherwise, they are Hubs clones.
    Shell recently posted..This I KnowMy Profile

  6. Sarah Jo says:

    I LOVE LISTS!!! And the fact that you can peel a banana with your feet is fucking awesome! Happy Birthday!

  7. meriah says:

    Happy birthday, sugar!
    God, you are so young. Keep um… peeling those bananas!
    meriah recently posted..Let’s Talk: Crazy GunsMy Profile

  8. Ronalee says:

    Happy Birthday !!

    Here is one fact about me…

    I have a jewelry box on the table by my bed where I keep my toothbrush because I have heard about the germs that you get on them when they are near the toilet.

  9. ang says:

    The hubs and I also did not get it on the night of our wedding. He was busy projectile vomiting because apparently there was a rumor at the bar that they weren’t going to make anymore Jack Daniels ever again. So he drank it all…and 2 bottles of champagne. His hangover performance was stellar though. ;)

  10. Adrienne says:

    I love it! #15! So sweet. Also, Q-Tips? Yes, please.
    Adrienne recently posted..I will remain faithful.My Profile

  11. I hadn’t thought about Shag in like a million years and yes a million times yes to Snapped! Women Who Kill.

    I think sex on your wedding night is overrated says the girl who passed out before we could even get past the foreplay.

    Happy Birthday!!! You young thing!

  12. Chris Carter says:

    What a GREAT list!!! So nice to read your goofy quirks and giggle a bit after all this awful tragedy has brought to everyone’s hearts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Um…one weird thing about me is that I wear all my socks INSIDE out…yep. I do. Try it. It’s soooo much more comfy!! :)
    Chris Carter recently posted..The Latest Tragedy… Will You Join Me Again?My Profile

  13. Alison says:

    Happy 29th! Again! :)

    #24 made me laugh so hard.
    Alison recently posted..The Children Who Will Always Be ChildrenMy Profile

  14. Cricket Sosa says:

    I love this! Your so awesome lol
    Cricket Sosa recently posted..This is my dream home and completely possible!My Profile

  15. I can see all the piercings for sure! I love Empire Records and never wanted to have children at all. I got pregnant while on birth control and using plan b so I figured I should have him and we figured we should have a relationship haha but after I realized that I would have 10 kids with Chris but no one else.
    Stephanie @ Babe’s Rockin’ Mami recently posted..Not the Life for MeMy Profile

  16. Oh and of course happy birthday!!!!!!
    Stephanie @ Babe’s Rockin’ Mami recently posted..Not the Life for MeMy Profile

  17. cyndy says:

    Mmmm. I love pickle juice. Haven’t had it in years.
    Happy Birthday!!!

  18. I LOVE pickle juice! I hope you had an amazing birthday. xoxo
    tracy@sellabitmum recently posted..The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Is Singing Loud For All To HearMy Profile

  19. Tiffany says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Holly!!! I thought we knew everything about you…but loved learning more about you! I hope you had a wonderful day and were spoiled rotten.
    Tiffany recently posted..Happy 2013!My Profile

  20. Becca says:

    I love reading what you write and aspire to, when I’m done complaining and crying at night, to write similarly about my parenting experiences, which are less than ideal on a daily basis. You are awesome. Your kids and husband are super lucky to have a kick-ass mom like you.

    • Becca says:

      Oh, and things you don’t know about me:

      1) I’m scared to have another kid
      2) I pray daily that my husband won’t die in a freak (but preventable) accident
      3) My kid is made of ice cream, cheese, and bread products (even though I used to be a raw vegan prior to pregnancy
      4) I go to work to relax
      5) In a 5 bedroom home, I feel like a wandering homeless person


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