Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two Is Finally Here!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for the final installment of Twilight and FINALLY! It’s here! Bella (Kirsten Stuart) is trying to get used to her new found powers now that she is a fully fledged vampire while getting to grips with parenthood along with screen partner (and real life lover) Edward (Robert Pattinson).

But as you can imagine, this domestic bliss does not last for long and there is bad news on the horizon for the new family. When the most powerful coven of vampires the Volturi catch wind of the child’s existence, they are not nearly as thrilled as the new parents. Irina, a jealous vampire convinces the vampire royalty that the child’s existence could put their way of life at risk and they launch an attack on the family to destroy the child.

Edward and Bella do not take the threats to their daughter Renesmee lightly and gather their own army of awesome vampires with fantastic “gifts” in an attempt to protect their precious child. The vampire clans are forced to pick sides and with the help of their werewolf chums, the main characters embrace the Volturi in an epic battle to end all battles. And seriously? I was on the edge of my seat during the last scenes…the writers of this film brought it to a whole new level!

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn, Part 2 is an unmissable end to an enthralling series that has kept a global audience on the edge of their seats for years.

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**this is a sponsored post written exclusively for Holly’s House by Vue Cinemas….but I truly love Taylor Lautner…and yes, he is now legal….



  1. I have loved this trilogy and am waiting patiently for it to come out On Demand because I do not go to the movies anymore. The kid kicking the back of my seat, the crunch and munching of people as they eat their popcorn and the lights from cell phones is enough to drive me to knock someone out.
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  2. vanessa says:

    I was totally excited for this movie. I heart the books,and while the first movie was a little disappointing (low budget) I felt each one after it got better. I thought this last one was worse then the first though! It was boring as all get out, and I don’t remember the second half of the book being so boring :(
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  3. vanessa says:

    It was, I can’t lie, my mouth fell open like “wha…??” But it took an hour and 45 mins of boringness to get to that fight scene that only lasted 10 mins.
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