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I haven’t shaved any part of my body since July…

Don’t you worry though, I’m not going ass crazy hippie shit and deciding natural is best, I’ve just decided to stick to waxing….

I’ve waxed haphazardly for the last 10 years, but as I get older my skin has gotten more sensitive and shaving just tears me up…so I’ve decided to stick to ripping the hair out by the root…


Including Veronica…hey-go big or go home, right?

But yesterday as I was flat on my back I couldn’t help but wonder….

Yes? No?

Or what if she says, you need to come more often, you’re a very hairy lady!

Please, tell me you have a hairy asshole too…or gorilla legs, or a vagina so hairy birds could nest in there, it’ll make my embarrassment lessen…


  1. adrienne says:

    I could not do this! Did it hurt? Was it awful? How long before you have to go back? Ouch!
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    • holly says:

      it doesn’t hurt as much as people think…the worst part was the, er, inner lip area…I winced and jumped a little, but it hurts less every time because the hair is getting finer and finer…and I go back about every 6 weeks…do it! your husband will like it..

  2. I hate shaving and I have a hairy butt too, it’s not just you.

  3. Alison says:

    I’m not even going there (both the waxing and the admitting of how hairy I am).
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    • holly says:

      you don’t strike me as a hairy gal….seriously…and not that I ever thought about it, but I did I would say more of a downy type hair

  4. Cricket Sosa says:

    lol… I have yet to get waxed down below for the fear that one of those ladies will in fact say… wow that’s a lot of hair haha! I’ve stuck to shaving but am soon going to attempt this and say beware the hair it’s just annoying. You are not the only one with a hairy butthole lol
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    • holly says:

      you know, I asked my chick how many assholes she waxes a day, and she said sometimes up to 14, so I think it’s safe to say we wouldn’t be the hairiest…do it!

  5. Jessica says:

    Oh ouch, I could not do this. Ouch, ouch, ouch.
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    • holly says:

      I think everyone should do it at least once! It took me 10 years to work up the nerve and go beyond a regular bikini line, and now? I love it…and uh,so does Eric…ha! Do it! You had babies, nothing hurts that bad

  6. Carrie says:

    I get horrible ingrown hairs from shaving (they are mutant) Wonder if waxing would make it better?
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    • holly says:

      Yes! I do get some still with waxing, but the gals at the salon gave me stuff to help with it, and I hardly get any anymore….and I can’t’ believe you don’t wax, for some reason you seemed like a naked kitty kind of gal…haha

    • Jaime says:

      For ingrowns, be they from shaving or waxing, use zit cream. The salicylic acid (not sure if I spelled that correctly) will break down the skin and allow the hair follicle to come back out.

      But waxing causing WAY less ingrowns than shaving… and lasts longer too.

  7. Talk about awkward: I went in for a brazilian and the little old lady didn’t want to have anything to do with it. She gave me these panties that were bigger than anything I wore when I was pregnant and then she danced around getting anywhere close to my junk. Seriously I think she ripped out ten hairs on my thighs.

    Then there was this time that this woman tells me to just pull my pants down… she was a wham bam getter her down type. It was awful, painful and worse than losing my virginity.

    But give me a couple of glasses of wine and some extra strength Tylenol and I don’t care if give me a pap while while they’re down there.

    • holly says:

      The woman that did me this last time was no nonsense, it took 14 minutes..she was all business…
      and seriously? if you don’t like vaginas, get out of the waxing room

  8. stacy says:

    Yes, everyone has hair there. I just wish the ‘roids would have gone away post-pregnancy, those are what embarass me. wish i could do the laser thing.

    • Anndei says:

      Me too!!! Im in the same boat here. Thought I was spared the post partum horror…. but nooo, they came back with a vengeance!! I’d take a hairy butt anytime instead of an alien growing out of it!!!

      • stacy says:

        alien, love that! one time my son peeked in the shower when i was leaning over, this was like 3 years ago (he is 6 now).. he still talks about it, poor boy was traumatized. so good on that alien, but i can tell you as a student nurse it is very common!

      • Chris Carter says:

        YES!!! The bunch of grapes I call them…it’s AWFUL and I can’t even imagine spreading it out for anyone to see!! I’ll just stay with my hairy grapes thank you… (Feel sick just thinking about it!)
        Chris Carter recently posted..Do Unto Others…My Profile

        • Anndei says:

          OMG Stacy, poor baby boy! o_0 God spare me the sight of those things, I’m too grossed out to even check in the mirror and it will stay like that until they’re gone.
          Hairy grapes!! hahahahah, what a visual!!!

  9. No way in you know what would I be laying there like that. Hell, I can’t even get a massage because I’m so self conscious. I’m not sure how I delivered 4 boys!!
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    • holly says:

      oh Lacey! No massages?! If anyone needs one, it’s you….all the work you do with those kids and everything? Babe, please, go…let me know your address, I’ll send you a gift card for Christmas

      • One time I was out with a girlfriend at this womens conference. They were doing the massages where you sit in the chair. She forced me in there, and it felt so good! I would probably get one, I just don’t know if I could go alone! When we take our trip to Florida, we’ll have to go together!
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  10. Jayme says:

    I am totally hairy. I want to wax so bad. How long do you have to let your hair grow? That would be the hardest part for me. Oh and a stranger looking at my snatch and my butt hole would be weird too.
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    • holly says:

      Jayme! Do it! I’ve always wanted to and it’s taken me ten years to get the balls to brazilian, and you know what? painful as it kind of is (and not even that bad, no tears, just a jump and a wince when she does the inner lip area, and it’s gotten better every time) I don’t see myself ever going back to shaving. I’ve even starting waxing my own lower legs and pits to save money on the salon, and you know what? I was spending so much of shave gels and razors that it’s pretty much the same cost. And I had to initially let it grow for maybe 2 or 3 weeks, nothing crazy. DO IT!

  11. Erin says:

    That just sounds painful!
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    • holly says:

      it’s not too bad, honestly…no tears or anything….and I only jump when she rips the wax out of the, er, inner labia area

  12. No, no no and no. No one is looking at me down there except for my hubby, the doc and whom ever else happens to be in my bedroom. No wax for me, I will shave for the rest of my life without that painful embarassing experience.
    Mary Kirkland recently posted..I Won!My Profile

  13. I am not going to comment on my own body parts, because I just can’t… I can’t…

    That said, OUCH! I don’t wax because it hurts to get my eyebrows done and I’m sorry, but no one get to look there in full light but my doctor! I’d be too worried about what the technician was thinking and since the lady that does my eyebrows mutters in another language… well, I don’t need her doing that down there!
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  14. Galit Breen says:

    Dying at this topic! And that drawing!

    Also? Ouch! :)
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  15. Elizabeth says:

    The little Asian man at the strip mall pedicure place was shaving the calloses off my feet when he held up his instrument, showing me a disgusting mound of dead skin and he said “Look! This is awful! Don’t worry – I won’t tell. I don’t know no white people.”

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  16. The answer is NO, there is nothing, NOTHING more embarrassing than getting the full-on brazillian wax!

    I got it done once and loved the results…but I’ve been too scared to go back. Not because of the pain…just the shame!!!! You’re a braver gal than I.
    Mo @ The Baby Is Fine recently posted..Time to Try!My Profile

  17. LineMarie says:

    Ha ha I used to be an esthetician, and I was the queen of waxing!! My clients always came back to see me! So its probably less embarrassing if you always go back to the same lady, this way she isn’t stranger anymore!

    I just thought of this story when I read your post.
    I was 19 and had just started working in a salon. This guy comes in with his girlfriend, with a panicked look on his face. I am told he needs waxing. We go in the room with the girlfriend and the guy pulls down his pants. He had a white stripe stuck around his penis. He was bruised everywhere from her pulling on it without success. I got that stripe out of there, asked if he wanted the rest done, he said no, gave me a 20$ tip and left. ha ha

  18. Just thinking about it makes me cringe…….You are very brave! I am latin I am hairy everywhere!

  19. Tina says:

    Could not do this….no freakin way. You are more woman than I am ;)

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