What’s in a Name?

I almost named my child Furious Cash but chose Blake instead because I don’t hate him…

Oh yes, you read that right….

Furious Cash…

It was Eric’s pick…

I am absolutely 100% not joking here…

Eric thought it was cool.

He tried desperately to get me to see the light, he explained how our first born would be eternally cool with a name like Furious Cash…

Furious Cash would never get picked on…kids would automatically think he’s in charge…that he’s the big dog…

Have you picked your jaws up off of the floor yet?

I know…

Seriously…what was Eric thinking?

I had to fight with him for weeks on this matter…

This is a baby! A real baby that’s going to be a real person!  He needs a real name!

Furious Cash is a real name….that’s what I was told…

I had to break out the tears and start to hyperventilate to make my point…

I wasn’t giving birth to a dog or to a child I hoped would become an inmate…

I was carrying a brain surgeon, or a future politician, not a guy with a shaved head and scalp tattoos…

So I won…

And Blake Charles Waligora was born October 3, 2004…

But because friends thought Furious Cash should somehow live on, my friend Theresa named a new plant after Eric’s dream son…

The plant is thriving and is truly kicking her other plant’s asses….

*I swear I am making up none of this…

**Why yes, I am linked up to the fabulous Mama Kat and her famous Writer’s Workshop!


  1. Furious Cash would kick ass on the playground, just sayin’. BUT, Blake IS a better name. For a human bean.

    We nearly named baby #2 Kai. Kinda cool, no? But he didn’t look like a Kai. So no go.
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Toddler ‘TudeMy Profile

  2. Blake really owes you one! He can always reserve the option to go by Furious Cash when he starts a band.
    hollow tree ventures recently posted..Grand Theft CorsageMy Profile

  3. OK so I’m at work. I read this and then had to go do some worky-things and the whole time I’m repeating in my head “Furious Cash? Seriously? FURIOUS CASH?”
    I will give Eric credit for one thing though – a celebrity would snag that name in a heartbeat!
    dysfunctional mom recently posted..Weekend Wrap-Up/ Happy List!My Profile

  4. LOL Blake will thank you later.

    I wanted to name our daughter Alexandria Renee, byt hubby thought it sounded too much like a strippers name and didn’t want to think about her dancing on table tops. o.O
    Mary Kirkland recently posted..Music Videos That "Do It" for MeMy Profile

    • holly says:

      we had a hard time with girl’s names because he thought everything was too sexy or stripper like too…

  5. Jen says:

    Bwhahahaha! Can you even imagine a kid names Furious?! I bet he would be friends with a kid named Apple. ;-)

    Stopped over from Mama Kat’s.

    • holly says:

      I know it! If I was a big Hollywood star maybe we could have gotten away with it…but I stay home and the hubs is a caterer…not quite the same league…

  6. CJ says:

    I say she who carries the baby names the baby! Blake is a strong name and he can always name his dog Furious Cash! We figured out a year into our daughter’s life that she had the wrong name! Better late than never, heh?
    CJ recently posted..Writer’s Workshop: What’s In A Name?My Profile

  7. Becca says:

    My husband’s idea for a boys name was “William the Great” that is what he wanted to name our child if we would have had a boy. i was very glad when we found out we had a girl!!

  8. Ange says:

    My friend wanted to name his son “free beer” because everyone loves free beer at a party.

    Yea. Sad thing is I think it actually happened.

  9. Sarah Jo says:

    Yeah so I think Blake will forever be in your debt!

  10. Carrie says:

    Where do men come up with these things? I had to veto names for the DOG, that is how bad the stuff mine came up with was.
    Carrie recently posted..Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries, Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  11. Furious Cash would need his first tattoo shortly after birth. COOL!
    tracy@sellabitmum recently posted..Better Than A Beaver StoryMy Profile

  12. michele m says:

    I was set on naming any daughter I had Moxie. Even my hubby liked it. then my friend mentioned that they would call her Moxie-pad in school. Shot it right down, so we named her something normal ,so she is Scarlett l lol.

  13. Once had a friend whose dog was named Cash Flow. I’m glad you won out. Furious probably wouldn’t have been the best way to go with first names. But it does it uber creativity points.
    SouthMainMuse recently posted..Someday My Prince Will Come. I think.My Profile

  14. Okay, so that TOTALLY sounds like something my husband would say…To the letter…We ended up naming our daughter Sophia Suzanne because I wasn’t going to choose Mary Jane for obvious reasons..(yes, the hubby was a bit of a hippy back in the day, and still would be except for certain legalities.) I can just imagine the shit fit certain family members would have over that. Then when we got pregnant with our son, he wanted to name him “Wolf Noir.” No frigging joke. Since I refused to name my child after a canine species or a type of wine, we settled on Xander Eric. Little did I know, Xander was a character on Buffy as well as the name of Vin Diesel’s character in XXX. So I guess my dorky husband got his way and our son has a “badass” name, even though I was oblivious….

  15. Tiffany says:

    That is horrible! I’m so glad you vetoed it!!!
    Tiffany recently posted..PresentMy Profile

  16. Kristen Mae says:

    Is it like, ‘Furious’ is the first name, and ‘Cash’ is the middle name? Or is it all one name with no middle name and you have to say it all at once? Because if his first name was ‘Furious,’ then maybe he would grow up feeling angry all the time. (I once knew a girl named ‘Serenity’ who was really calm). But ‘Furious Cash’ is just a mouthful. People would probably end up calling him ‘Fur’ which would sound like ‘Fuhrer’ which is what they called Hitler.

    You really dodged a bullet on that one. :)
    Kristen Mae recently posted..15 Things You Should Give Up In Order to Be Happy – RebutMy Profile

  17. Oh goodness!
    stephanie @ babe’s rockin’ mami recently posted..Summer is Here!My Profile

  18. Erin says:

    That’s great! I have to admit I’ve heard Cash before. It’s growing on me. Now Furious, that’s a bit too different for me. I do like different names . . . I’m a teacher so when I hear a name I often think of a kid who’s been in my class (which totally limits us on names). My hubby even went as far as to tell me I needed to quit my job so we could have more names to choose from . . . SERIOUSLY!

    Blake is a great name! I’ve only had 1 Blake and he was one of my favs :)
    Erin recently posted..Vaca Fun: Day #2My Profile

  19. Andie says:

    You have quite the creative husband don’t you? I vetoed TITUS, but somehow I think you have me beat with Furious.
    Andie recently posted..This baby’s nameMy Profile

  20. Hidalinab says:

    I guess I should not feel bad for my sister wanting to name my niece/goddaughter Dejani, it does not sound that bad compare to Furious Cash….It sounds like Dijon Mustard…but i convince her to name her Kiara….13 years later my nice thanks me a million time for naming her Kiara!!!
    Hidalinab recently posted..A childs creativity is priceless……My Profile

  21. Kathren M says:

    Wow, that’s awful, but they do come up with some real doozies don’t they. My hubby wanted to name our son Jesus, yes Jesus because I was due on Christmas day. I said hell no, and our son is Zachary Lee. I’m sure both of our son’s will appreciate the bullets they dodged because of us when they get older. :)
    Kathren M recently posted..Thirty-One GiftsMy Profile

  22. KAT says:

    OMG! That is hilarious! On this end of the world I have to fight with my husband to BE a little more creative! He was all for Ana Maria (boring!) Instead we went with Sofia and Nerea. Much better!
    Stopping by from mama Kat!
    KAT recently posted..Morning peopleMy Profile

  23. Ms. Morgan says:

    Furious Cash would have been a great name…for a pit bull pup!

    Don’t worry. My father wanted to name me Cinderelli (realize my last name is Chicarelli)…yes, he wanted to name his first born Cinderelli Chicarelli….although years later my mother told me he was high at the time. But still, if she hadn’t been sober and vetoed the name my blog handle would be very different.
    Ms. Morgan recently posted..Scare of a LifetimeMy Profile

  24. Mimi says:

    Well…he was creative? Is your son’s nickname Furious? lol I tried easy names like Caleb and Seth. Those were shot down. I’m glad you got the name you were hoping for!
    Mimi recently posted..Phineas and Ferb: The Perry Files GiveawayMy Profile

    • holly says:

      there’s been 3 Caleb’s born in the past year that I know of…very popular lately…and his nickname when he was a baby was Mayor McPoop

  25. Lori A. says:

    Wow…that’s a really cool name. My husband wanted Dweezil.
    My brother and his wife just had their 3rd child…Theodore Spartacus. He was almost Smiles McShane, though..not so sure my sister-in-law really would have let that one go through. The other 2 kids got stuck with family names. I’m sure they’ll be jealous of Theodore’s “cool” name.

    • holly says:

      Smiles McShane? Oh wow. Were they just planning on beating him up themselves everyday before school?

  26. If he was furious cash he might be a famous movie star too – since it’s a unique name like the celebs do with their kids now!
    Missy | The Literal Mom recently posted..A Summer’s Worth of Clean LivingMy Profile

  27. Charity says:

    Men…….I’ve named all my kids, while my husband thinks he had a hand in it “Nope” it was all me. When it came to the naming game he sucked and I was overly dramatic to get the name I wanted, well, it worked.

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