Hop Aboard the Gingerbread Train

Every year I dream of baking snickerdoodles for Santa and making reindeer chow with my children…

You know, without screaming at them to just stop¬†and don’t put your feet in the batter….

I dream of making gingerbread houses with an army of beautifully decorated gingerbread men…

I dream of posting those fresh baked goods and having everyone fawn over me, begging me to make them something so they can pass it off as their own…

But this year my kids wanted to make this gingerbread train we saw in the store…

Hmmm…not exactly the homemade dream I had in mind, but no worries, we would decorate the shit out of that train and display it for all to see…YES! That’s what we’d do!

The kids were so excited, and though I didn’t want them to help and thus ruin my visions, I decided I could supervise them enough and our train would kick other train’s asses…

Everyone was working hard…

The decorating was a bit sloppier than I planned on for my dream train I would show off to you fine fine people, but I figured I could fix it up…no problem!

So I did what any mother who drinks way too much coffee and Diet Coke would do during the decorating…

I took a pee break…

Just a pee break…there was no pooping or tweezing…nothing…and I came back to this…

Jack eating his portion of the train…in the 30 seconds I was gone he dismantled his train and started eating it…sigh…

But he wasn’t the only one…Blake also took his apart to eat…

And those rotten kids weren’t even sorry…

Oh well, I guess there’s always next year…

When I do it by myself….


  1. Angie says:

    Reminds me of my mantra that if it isn’t done my way it isn’t helping. No my children don’t do chores and they are lazy & bratty. I am often yelling at them for leaving out their toys, not hanging up their towels or not putting away their freshly cleaned clothes. But as the woman who wouldn’t let them put things away during their toddler years when they learn about those things b/c all the Little People had to be positioned just so, I fully accept that I have no one to blame but myself. And I would have gone Chernobyl meltdown if I’d have come out of the potty to find my boys eating the train… though honestly they wouldn’t have wanted to help in the first place. Why bother when Mom will just do it herself? Sigh, I have trained them too well. ;-)

  2. Venassa says:

    On the bright side, it makes for a funnier story :p
    My nephew would love a gingerbread train. I’ve never seen them in stores around here.

  3. Ange says:

    At least your kids will attempt to do it with you.

    Today I practiced a craft I wanted to do with the boys when they got home. As soon as they walked through the door I told them that I had prepped a project for us. Dade looked at me with this scared look on his face and said “NOOOO Thank you”. When I asked why he said that projects make me yell, and he wanted to enjoy his last full day in Texas before their trip to Alaska.

  4. LOL – well our gingerbread village looks like total shit also. Good times these holidays…

  5. You can always do the Milk Carton/Graham Cracker version… it’s less traumatic for the adults when they chow down! :-)

  6. Deanna says:

    haha….now I see why you were so ticked over my gingerbread house….no way did I let Addison’s grubby paws come close to it. lol.

  7. Jenny says:

    Haha, my girls tried doing that stupid gingerbread train too! Except they got all pissed off cause it was to hard and ended up storming out of the room!! So I tried to build it and I have to say, it did not turn out as nicely as your boys train!

  8. Now see…if my daughter wanted to make something like this I let her…but I still did my own my own way and she had nothing to do with it. So the kids stuff looks like kids did it and mine would look like…well, kids did it because I’m just not that crafty..LOL

  9. Next time, buy two! One for you and one for them. lol

  10. Lori A. says:

    The most stressful part of Christmas for me is cutting out the sugar cookies…we do it every year on Christmas Eve…and it drives me BATTY when I roll the dough out and they just stick cookie cutters WHEREVER they want instead of placing them strategically so you can get the most out of it…so I don’t have to re-roll it out 1,342 times.

  11. Tiffany says:

    That’s exactly what happens at my house!

  12. Cute story and looks like everyone had fun! I know what you mean about making cookies from scratch and all that jazz. No time for that over here!

  13. It’s always better when you do it by yourself…that’s how my whole damn tree got decorated! LOL…we always do the houses on Christmas Eve and the candy is all done by the time we get the walls assembled.

  14. Andrea says:

    Aha! I was trying to comment on your know your a mom post and couldn’t find the comment section. I hadn’t clicked all the way in … so I tweeted it instead! :)

    Anyway – love this post. Hilarious. I haven’t posted pics of our gingerbread house yet, but I will do so soon. We haven’t eaten it – thank goodness – as it probably turned hard as a rock within minutes of sticking it together.

    I’m with you – next year we make our own! I do like the train idea, though. Kind of cute.

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