The Crash

I’ve been trying to think of a way to put a funny spin on this…

Cuz, you know, that’s what I do…I take random shit and make it funny…

But I can’t do that here…and the only reason I’m telling you all what happened is because it did…and if I’m going to share all the funny shit then I’m going to share all the not so funny shit too…

We almost died Friday night…

For real…

In a head on collision on our way to Disney…

An illegal immigrant with no license and no insurance came right for us, claiming he didn’t see us, and if Eric hadn’t swerved we’d quite possibly be dead…

But Eric did swerve, so he smashed the whole side front corner of our van instead of the whole front…took out a stop sign and another sign…the whole front of our van crashed and then we ran it over…

And it’s totaled.

My new van that I hadn’t even told you all about yet because I hadn’t taken a picture of me hugging it yet…

Eric bought me a new 2011 black Dodge Grand Caravan for our anniversary November 1st…

It was my very first new new car…

And now it’s in a junk yard waiting for the insurance agent to call it totaled…

And now my kids are scared to get into a car again…

But they’re alive..

Hearing them cry when we stopped was the best sound I’ve ever heard in my life…

But watching my husband cry later on that night thinking of what might have been shook me to my core…

What if Eric had turned right then to ask me a question?

What if I hadn’t forgot Brooke’s cup and we didn’t have to stop after we got on the road?

What if we were going a little bit faster?

What if…

What if…




  1. Oh my god. I am so, so sorry, Holly. But, I’m twice at grateful that you’re all all right. *hugs*

  2. Sarah says:

    You made me cry – I am so, so sorry that your van is totalled, but relieved to hear that your entire family was able to walk away. It’s a tragedy, but could have been so much worst… I’m thankful you had an angel watching over you that night.

  3. Life As Wife says:

    So glad y’all are safe.

  4. Becky Willis says:

    Sometimes, just sometimes you can’t put a funny spin on such a terrible ordeal. Sometimes you just have to hug your husband and your kids and be so thankful for what didn’t happen. I am sorry about your van-that is upsetting-but insurance will replace what couldn’t have been replaced. So I am glad you had that in place. Its hard to see your husband cry-but better to cry about what could have been…
    I am so so glad you are all ok. You can write about funny shit another day. For today I am happy you and your family are alive! Love to you all.

  5. Angie says:

    I have tears in my eyes as I type. Thank God that you are all physically okay. Thank God for Eric’s fast reflexes. Thank God.

  6. Oh God! Really makes me think about the way I drive everyday. Distracted by my phone, the kids in the backseat, my thoughts. etc. All it would have taken is one second for Eric’s attention to be diverted. Makes me shake just thinking about it.
    So thankful everyone is fine.

  7. Sandi says:

    I am so glad you are all ok. Really.

  8. Randi says:

    Sometimes there’s nothing to say, but to just spit it out. Accidents are always even more scary after the fact, when you start factoring in all the what ifs. While it’s terrible that you lost your brand new “toy”, I’m thrilled that you and your family are okay. Here’s hoping that the insurance gets off their butts right away and gets everything taken care of. {{hugs}} When my oldest was 5 we spun out on the freeway, across 4 lanes of traffic and slammed into a tree on the other side. We were all unharmed, and she was scared to get back in the car at first. It did wear off after a while, but her fear of the freeway took longer to get over. The wonderful thing about kids is that they KNOW that we would never put them in danger, and Eric proved to them that he would protect them at all costs. :)

  9. Kiddothings says:

    SO sorry about what happened. Glad everyone survived it. It will be a Happy Thanksgiving for your family.

  10. Oh Wow! Holly! I’m so glad y’all are okay. The “what if’s” are hard, but in this case, it’s the ‘what didn’ts’ that count. Sending prayers!

  11. Oh Holly! I am sobbing reading this. OMG I am so glad you are all okay. Thinking about you. Let us know if there is anything you need. xoxo

  12. Laura says:

    So, so happy everyone is okay!

  13. Holy carp, glad everyone is okay! The car… well, hopefully insurance will buy another, just as nice. But everyone being alive is THE BEST.

  14. Terrifying. I’m so sorry about the pretty new car, but grateful that you’re all alive.

  15. Mark says:

    That was chilling. I actually have goosebumps thinking about your kids in the car.
    So tell me, will that Illegal get deported or become that town’s citizen of the year?
    Take care and sorry about the car too.

  16. Renee says:

    That is crazy and so scary! I’m glad you’re all okay…physically. I sure hope you guys can recover from it all, mentally, sooner than later. I’ve been in a crash like that before and it takes a while to get over being scared in the car. Thank god you guys are okay though!

  17. Tiffany says:

    Oh my God, Holly. I’m so sorry!!! I am so very thankful you are ok.

  18. Kelli says:

    Wow, when we lived in Orlando I was constantly telling my husband and my family to be super careful around that area because the tourists rent cars and they have no idea what they are doing and have no idea where they are going. Once I was getting off the interstate at champions gate exit and I saw reverse lights and it finally dawned on me, almost too late, that this person was backing down the off ramp going about 45 miles per hour! The car looked like a rental, you can usually tell. Anyway, I am so glad you are all OK. My sister was in an accident with her kids recently and they were scared to get back in the car too, but she said after about 2 weeks they were fine.

  19. Jessica says:

    Oh chills. So glad you are here to write this post. So glad you are here.

  20. Oh my god…how scary. I am so thankful that you and your family are ok.

  21. Michelle says:

    Oh my. There almost even words. I can only imagine the fear you must have went through. I think my heart would still be racing. So so so glad your family came out of this without any injuries and that it was just your van that was totaled.

  22. Lori A. says:

    Holly! I am so glad to hear you are all ok!! I will keep your family in my prayers!

  23. I am soo happy that all of you are safe!
    Yes the van is totalled, but all of you are in one piece and that is wonderful.
    I cried when reading this as its those “what if’s” that can completely break a person.
    Hugs and strength to you hun.

  24. Tere says:

    Wow! Things like that definitely make you stop and think.
    Unfortunately, it seems the only thing going through your mind is a list of “what ifs”… what happened happened. Everyone is still alive. The van is just an object and can be replaced. God was looking out for you and your family. I have had times like that, and even after all the years, I still ask “what if”. I guess the biggest one is “what if… God wasn’t watching over me?” Hang in there, be safe.

  25. Teresa says:

    I am scared to get in the car every day. I flipped one once and I know that anything can happen at any time…

    Don’t dwell on the “what ifs” because they will drive you crazy. What happened was exactly supposed to happen. You and your family were meant to live.

  26. Crittle says:

    This gave me chills to read, even after knowing what you’d been through. I am so utterly happy that you all are ok, but so stressed and freaked out on your behalf. I can only imagine what it feels like to be in your shoes right now.

    But it WILL be ok. It will, it will, it will.

  27. Mandy Smith says:

    OMG. Thank GOD yall are ok. Wow, how friggin scary. What timing on the van : (
    So sorry to hear the news, but So glad everyone is safe & ALIVE!!!!

  28. Sara says:

    I am so sorry to hear that happened. That is completely scary! I am glad to hear that everyone is okay!

  29. Cheryl says:

    Hi there. I’m visiting from SITs.
    Sometimes life just isn’t funny. I’m so sorry about your van but glad you didn’t die.

  30. Michelle says:

    Oh yes. Your bad weekend definitely outshines mine. You poor thing! That’s so scary, but thank GOD you’re alright and everyone is alright. It’s hard for kids when scary things like that happen and they aren’t in control at all and … how do they know what’s safe after that. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they feel safer soon, too. *hugs*

  31. Ally says:

    Oh no! Well, that certainly puts my bad day in perspective. SO, so thankful you were all okay! I’d still be shaking in my shoes. The ‘what ifs’… so scary.

  32. Oh Holly, I am so sorry. I have been in a horrible accident before, but before I had kids. I can’t even imagine. I am so glad that you are all safe and ok. HUGS!!!!!

  33. Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    I’m so glad none of your family was hurt. It truly is a day of Thanksgiving for you all. The car can be replaced, but your family cannot. I’m sure you had a blessed day today. Time will heal.

  34. Raphaelle says:

    SO HAPPY you’re all ok! I don’t even know you guys in real life but I was almost crying while reading this post.
    Lots of hugs! (and maybe you’ll get another new car out of this!)

  35. Mary says:

    Just curious, do you think it would have been less traumatic if you had been hit by a US citizen with no license and no insurance?

  36. Ugh….chills and tears. So glad you all are ok.

  37. Jennifer says:

    this gives me the chills, so glad everyone is safe

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