Tea Time-Like it or Not

Hope turned three this past Sunday, and because she doesn’t already have a warped sense of self entitlement and the true belief that she is, in fact, a princess*; I threw her a fancy pants tea party for her and three little friends.

I worked my ass off for this little party, more than for any other party of my other kids, and there were far less kids. But usually, being the lazy mom that I am**, I pay some establishment and have the party there. I wish I had the foresight to take pictures and show you all of my hard work, but alas, I was too busy preparing homemade cherry vanilla soda (I made the freaking soda syrup), heart shaped-frosted cookie pops, cupcakes, and the little decorations.

I put my heart and soul into this party for Hope, and none of the pictures I have depicts that.

Honestly, I don’t have one picture that has any of the girls smiling.

Although, as we know, putting on make up is serious business…

But even during cupcake time, Hope had a look of mild discontentment on her face, as though to let me know that she had expected a full cake…

I’m guessing that Maddie too expected more than a measly cupcake.

But all of my effort wasn’t a complete waste of time, after all, Rachel was thrilled to be a princess for a day…

At least someone appreciated me…

*Snow White, in case you didn’t know…although Rapunzal seems to be taking over…

**although I think GENIUS is a better word, seriously? have you ever cleaned up after a kid’s party? shoot me.


  1. myevil3yearold says:

    Cute and ungrateful…. just like my kids

  2. KAE says:

    I'm sure they all had fun! Kids just never like to smile on camera, that way you can't prove they had fun!
    I left you an award on my blog!

  3. Mommy says:

    aw looks like such a fun party I totally would have been smiling. I can't wait to do a princess party for Emma when she's a bit older & into it. I'm going to love dressing up haha

  4. Ramona says:

    so cute! can't wait for my little girl to be just a little older so we can have one :)

  5. Angie L says:

    I just love the makeup application pictures where they look like they are trying to poke their eyes out. Amazing how us ladies go from that to applying mascara in the car during rush hour while eating a danish and changing lanes. Btw, I think the tea party sounded amazing. :-D

  6. Kristin says:

    Someday, I am really going to throw a CUTE party. But I guess I better be prepared to make a whole freaking cake – those pictures are priceless.

  7. Dysfunctional Mom says:

    I swear, the more you do for kids, the more they want and then bitch when they don't get it.
    Anyway. I had a tea party for my daughter's 10th b-day this year, they did make up too. It was super cute!
    But she always gets overwhelmed having so many friends over (it was only like 5) and ends up in her room.
    I'm so over parties!

  8. Vanilla Mama says:

    Too sweet – the picture you have will make her appreciate it when she grows up! I will NEVER throw another party at my house for a child with other children again! The clean up before and after is murder!

  9. Semi-Slacker Mom says:

    Seriously? How the hell do you even go about making soda syrup. You are a Mommy Rock Star!

  10. Making It Work Mom says:

    I love it! They are so cute even when they are not smiling.

    Even if she didn't appreciate it now you can totally throw it back in her face 10 and 15 and 20 years from now with embellishments!

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