Stop Packing Crap

You mothers who insist on filling your kids lunchboxes with chips and cookies and fruit roll-ups and brownies are seriously going to kill me. Please, for the love of my sanity, stop sending crap with your kids lunch to school.
And please don’t tell me you just send “one treat” for your child, your perfect child who knows not to eat those chocolate chip cookies until after all of the carrot sticks and apples slices are gone. Because guess what? They are totally not eating the healthy stuff…just the garbage. And I know because though Blake and Jack constantly complain to me about the contents of their Star Wars lunchboxes, they also let me in on your kids little secret…they are eating the junk first! That’s right, they fill up on crap, and then only a portion of your organically grown carrot sticks and reduced fat almond butter* and sugar free jelly sandwiches are eaten.
Every day I have to hear about how I pack the worst lunches ever, lunches filled with carrots, black olives, apples, strawberries, cereal bars, and sandwiches. Once in a great while, when the nagging has gotten to me, I’ll throw in piece of chocolate or a baggie of pretzels, but inevitably the boys confess they ate that first and neglected the rest of the contents of what I’ve packed.
Wait though, don’t think I’m the mean mom ever who never gives treats out. That’s actually farthest from the truth! My kids eat plenty of treats at home, at least once a week it’s chocolate glazed donuts for breakfast and I always have cookies and chips and goldfish floating around. But I refuse to pack any of that for lunch!
Why? Is that what you’re asking? Because I know that after a full morning of learning and not grazing at home the boys will eat whatever healthy food I pack due to the fact they are positively starving! Hooray!! One healthy meal a day with no arguments!
So please, if everyone would just do as I say do as I suggest then my life would be much easier. And really? Isn’t that what everyone wants**? You know I’m so right.
And for real….your kid is so eating the crap first…I know, Blake is a huge tattletale….

*almond butter kind of pisses me off…what is up with that? if your kid is allergic to peanuts they likely have a sensitivity to all nuts…also, to me almond butter is kind of pretentious, like I need to know you spend over $7 a jar on what your filling your 12 grain bread with…ugh…

**just smile and nod…

**the winner of the Barnes and Noble gift card was Megan Miller….when Holly’s House gets up to 100 followers I’ll beg off more free shit to giveaway!


  1. Megan Miller says:

    Yay!! Im so excited I won! Thank you! I don't have to deal with making lunches yet. Thank God….sounds stressful lol

  2. Lacey says:

    Ok, what the heck is almond butter? It sounds extremely sweet! My boys just eat school food because I'm to lazy to make a lunch! Well sometimes they do!

  3. myevil3yearold says:

    Same here. I let them do the school food. Don't want to deal with the lunchbox crap.

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